Monday, December 9, 2013

Challenge #113 - Sport

Hi everyone.  Lynne here.   Welcome to the next challenge.  To be honest, this challenge was a stretch for me and I am the one that thought of it.   I do not have a sport-minded family (although I am a baseball fanatic). but a picture of my nephew and great nephew fishing in the canal behind their home inspired me.   I hope you gather inspiration too.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.  Have fun!

I have taught many sports. I have, over the years coached many sports teams. I played to a district level when I was a girl. However my unbridled enthusiasm has always been for Dance!
For me dancing doesn't feel like exercise. Dance offers a total body workout, using all of the major muscle groups and providing heart-healthy benefits.The music loud and the dance crazy.
I feel better just thinking about it!

My art today is a canvas - an affirmation canvas with double meaning.
Now where are my maracas?


This year, my oldest son started to play rugby, but I have no photo yet, so I decided to embellish a box to keep his medals ! (The photo inside is an old photo that I used while waiting for a photo from his rugby games).

I managed to find some photos this week from the opening ceremonies of the last Winter Olympic Games that were hosted here in Canada. I got some pics of the family sitting around watching it on TV. - and yes, I'm that far behind in my scrapping.

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