Monday, October 10, 2011

Challenge # 6~ Put YOUR Picture on it

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope are enjoying your holiday weekend.

Hello Use Your Stuff friends, we're glad you could stop by.

I'm changin' it up this week. I am not going to ask you to dig into your stash of goodies for something specific but I'm going to ask you to dig into your stash of photos.You can choose any of your favourite stuff this week (YAY!).....dig deep into your piles of photos and find one of you. That's right you.

I am challenging you to make a layout about yourself with some easy journaling, list style.
Come up with a list of 25 random facts about yourself and write or type them out and include that list on your layout.

Now the list might be the challenge for you this week just remember you can reference any part of your life that you wish. You are not confined or restricted, include anything that tells the reader about you.

So UYS creative crew, what did you come up with this week?




I finally got around to doing this challenge, and what a challenge it was for me. It's hard to come up with 25 random facts! Anyway, I decided to do mine in the form of a Smash Book page. I love how it turned out.

Show us what you got!
Don't forget to share it, we love checking out your blogs.


Michal said...

This is a tough one for me! I will have to work on it!

Leigh-Ann said...

What you want me to scrapbook about me...Is that allowed?

Ok, I will do it but I am going to have trouble finding a picture of me.

Great challenge Joy - you are really going to make me work! Great layouts, I look foreword to seeing what others come up with too.

Michal said...

Took me a while but here is my effort!

Lynne said...

Love it Michal. It is a really fine effort and I like that picture of you and the BG papers.

Leigh-Ann said...

This challenge took me all week, and I still have some finishing touches to put on the page - but I wanted to post it before the next challenge was posted.

Lynne said...

Janet - LOVE IT!!!!!!! I just wish I could read your 25 things.

jennybird said...

Thanks Lynne.....Leigh-Ann--I love it, very cool Michal and a nice picture like Lynne said!

Barbara said...

great job everyone.
I still plan on getting this done in the next few days.