Monday, September 5, 2011

Lets Get Started! Challenge # 1

Hello everyone. My name is Barb and I'm one of your challengers.

I'm so excited to get going on this fun new blog - not only to post challenges, but to be inspired by others.

So, lets get going.

The first challenge is a quick and fun challenge. It's an ad challenge. Use the advertisement below to inspire your card, layout or project. Use any or all of the elements.

When you complete your project, post it on your blog, or online somewhere with a link back here. Then come back and post the link to where we can find it through Mr. Linky below so we can check it out.

Here's my interpretation of the ad:

Have fun with the challenge. Don't forget to show us what you create.

See what the other girls came up with:





Barbara said...

I love these layouts girls! I love how everyone can use the same starting point and end up with something completely different.

Unknown said...

That is my favourite thing about this type of challenge, all the different ideas that started from the same spot.

jennybird said...

I have to agree with you Barb and Joy. This was fun.

Michal said...

I like all the layouts! I'm gonna work on this idea this week!
Unless putting up drywall in a similar pattern to the pictures counts....We did use our stuff to do it! It was creative drywalling!

jennybird said...

LOL Michal...missed you today!

Leigh-Ann said...

Yeah - I think I finally figured out how to post a picture!

I guess I should introduce myself - I am Leigh-Ann (Michal's sister) For the past 8 years when I have scrapbooked it has been digital, but Michal is slowly converting me back to a little paper scrapbooking and cards. My layout here is digital - I hope that counts (do you disqualify people who do not use paper supplies)? Anyway take a peek and I look forward seeing what the next challenge is.

Barbara said...

Hi Leigh-Ann. I've heard so much about you. You're more than welcome to do digi layouts. It's all scrapping.

Barbara said...

...and your layout is great!! I love it. I love those colours.

jennybird said...

Hi Leigh-Ann, so glad that you are here!!

jennybird said...

Love your LO Leigh-Ann!

Leigh-Ann said...

I've heard a lot about many of you too. Maybe one of these days I will get to meet everyone.

Lynne said...

HI Leigh Ann. Thank you so much for participating. I too love the colors. The photos are real eye-catchers too. I look forward to seeing what else you do with the future challenges.