Tuesday, April 12, 2016

DIY Kits

Hey everyone, Tammy L here!

So a big part of who we are here at USE YOUR STUFF is making the most of your stash...recently I have realized that I really do have a lot of stash and am at a loss of how to start using it up...I love our challenges but sometimes that just isn't enough.

My solution is DIY kits!  Scrapbook kits are really popular right now and almost every company has some that you can purchase but what about all that stuff you already have and want to use up...old kits, a paper here or there, more embellishments than you know what to do with?

So, I have been doing some research...I have recently found an amazing group of videos from nicmakin on Youtube...she just has these great walk throughs on how to put some kits together all from what you already have in your stash...big kits...enough to let you scrap a bunch of pages worry free, whether you are doing one of our challenges, going to a crop or just feel in the creative mood!  It's all about mixing and matching and being able to throw a bunch of stuff in a bag and be able to put together a bunch of pages with little or no fuss...

You can check out her videos  here!

Katelyn from Gray Florals did a video as well and is just starting her 10 part series to help guide you to your DIY kit  check hers out here 

Another great source was brought to my attention from our DT member Tina!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge  has some wonderful monthly challenges to put together your own kit and then to challenge you to use them!  I love to support other challenge sites, especially if they work in tandem with ours!  This couldn't be more perfect!

I hope that these give you a jump off point to start your own kits, I know that they have me and I look forward to putting together a few for when we head out to our farm in May!  I don't want to take a lot of stuff but want to still be able to do up some pages so this is going to work perfectly!

Make sure you check them out!  As always, we love to hear from you, so if you have some ideas or places that you go for DIY kits that you want to share, leave us a note in the comments!


Katelyn Clary said...

I highly encourage kits! Thanks for linking to my blog! Can't wait to start participating in the challenges! So glad we found each other <3

Tina Campbell said...

I highly encourage kitting too :) It's the quickest way I found to be able to create and can create quickly :) The thinking process is taken care of and you just need to create :) Thanks for mentioning Counterfeit Kit Challenge and look forward to seeing you play along :)

Julene Matthews said...

Thanks for publicising CKC. I'm on their DT and love making up the kits then using them for challenges including UYS.

Lisa said...

Yay for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge shout out! Thanks so much. I'm going to have a mooch around here now too - you're right, we all have to support each other. thanks again and let's get kitting!

Tammy L said...

You are so welcome ladies! I love to help support other sites and crafters especially when it fits right in with what we are all about! :)

Marina said...

Thank you for this post - I loved reading it and will definitely check out the links. Actually, I had heard the name of Counterfeit Kit Challenge before but never checked it out as I assumed it was a subscription kit service .... So you've done a great service of flagging this up here.