Monday, January 23, 2012

Challenge #18 - White + One

Hi everyone! Bronwyn here. It's time for another new challenge here at Use Your Stuff.

Here is a challenge that sounds easy on the surface, but I found, once I got started, that it was VERY hard to stick to!

Your Challenge: Use only White and ONE other colour!!

I love colour. I love pattern. Sticking to white + one was tricky, but I managed this:

(The green border looks like another colour of cardstock border, but actually it is the wall that I used as background for my photo!)

No patterned paper here -only 2 sheets of cardstock, my paper punches and a few stickers from Echo Park (and a cute little picture of my little lady!)


I always find working with white hard, I really don't use it as is very often in large amounts.
I tried stamping white one white, you can't see is very well in pictures. In person it's subtle but visible.
I chose brown as my +one.....and used a dark and a light shade.

a bit of detail
I broke out some micro breads, twine and some paper that's been
sitting in my stash quite a while for this weeks challenge.

Well, I'm a little late to the party, but at least I made it.
I loved this challenge. I love the look of tone on tone. This week I even found this inspirational site about using white plus one : White With One so if you love this look too and want some further inspiration, you gotta check it out.
Ok, on to my layout:


jennybird said...

nice job ladies!

Joy said...

Bronwyn I absolutely love what you created for this challenge. The tone on tone looks awesome :)

Melissa Bi. said...

Great challenge! Love the tone-on-tone look you created using your punches. Great way to add interest to a solid background.

Barbara said...

Tal, thanks for playing along. I checked out your blog and you have some beautiful work there.

טל- Tal said...

Thank you Barbara, i added a new blog :-)..i like your blog as well,such a clever touch in each work you've made.