Sunday, October 27, 2013

Challenge #107 - Eye for Detail

When I started scrapbooking I bought a whole bunch of eyelets, put them in pretty containers, and there they sit...I love how they look and how you can use them in so many ways but I don't have a cropodile so don't always want to bring out the hammer and setter in order to use them. So the challenge this week is to get them out and get them on your projects!

I used little black eyelets on my layout, combined with some baker's twine, to lace up a paper tear.

I've taken a blah shopping bag and turned it into an "oh la la" accessory!
 The big brother of eyelets are grommets.
They played a big part in the transformation. There's a how to on my blog.

I still love my eyelets, and I made a mini album with a different way for using them on every page.

I don't use eyelets near as often as I should, especially since I have sooo many :)  I love using them to attach twine to large spaces on my cards.  It just gives it a little bit more polish than wrapping it around the card.


Julie Short said...

Such variety Tammy, Isbaha and Amanda.
Eyelets certainly are versatile.

Barbara said...

Fabulous projects ladies!!