Monday, April 15, 2013

Challenge #80 Music & Lyrics

Hey there crafty people, happy Monday!

Music & Lyrics is not just a cute rom com movie, it can be a very influential part of our lives. It can raise you up, make you cry and I think; is so much more enjoyable in the car, on a warm day, while driving with the windows down. :)

This weeks challenge is to use a song title or part of the lyrics to a song as your title. We can't wait to see what song inspires you.

I used a part of the lyrics from White Christmas for my title on this layout...

This was a lot of fun for me! I used the title of an old Eddie Murphy/Rick James song to do a page about my daughter. The irony is that she is more of a homebody than a party girl!

I have done quite a few of these layouts, so I had to hunt for pictures and then find a song title to go with them.  I enjoyed putting this together and smiled all the time I was creating it.  


Andie said...

Oh, great challenge! Have always wanted to do this - now I've got a fire lit to do it :-)

CG said...

Thanks for the great challenge & DT inspiration! Hope it's okay I made a card. Best, CG

Andie said...

That was fun, thanks for the challenge!!

Becky said...

This is a great blog! Glad I found it!